À propos - Quaartz - Boutique indépendante de produits culturels


Quaartz, what is it? It’s an online store that offers cultural products, but not only.

Quaartz is a project initiated by Cristal Groupe. Since its creation by Éric Debègue in 1996, the company has always defended the ideas of current artists and is committed to making their music last through a multitude of services.

From its offices in La Rochelle, France, this small and passionate team works in a family atmosphere, alongside the artists it accompanies. The team regularly reinvents its professions, to bring to your ears music that the record industry too often ignores.

Beyond fashions, music is not just a product with a short expiration date. The object, physical, can continue to enchant and seduce new ears, rather than being stored or destroyed without knowing yet perfectly how to recycle it...

Quaartz is the promise of a new life for new albums from today and yesterday. It's the choice of short circuit and the opportunity to enjoy yourself by buying directly from the producer and contributing to generate a fair income for the artists. All of this while choosing to reduce the environmental impact of the project and its operation.

Quaartz is an online store open to its ecosystem, which offers CDs, especially those from Cristal Groupe’s record labels, but not only. You will also find vinyls, box sets, and books-discs for young and grown people.

Quaartz benefits from the support of the Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the Centre National de la Musique.

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